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Need to know How to Your Views Weetbix Triathlon
nie TV
Watch NiE TV video footage to discover new fun ways to learn with NiE.
Welcome to NiE TV, home to digital media – explore, discover, excite and share your work with others right here.
NiE TV houses a range of videos including:
- Tutorials and demonstrations
- Student competition videos and NewsBytes
- Weet-Bix Kids Tryathlon video footage
With four channels to choose from, NiE TV provides loads of entertainment and learning opportunities!
So don’t delay – click on one of the channel buttons at the top of the screen and start watching now! A description of each channel and the videos it contains can be found below.
Need to know – essential information about online elements of the NiE Programme
Rippa Rugby 
     * The Rippa Rugby tournament, replicates the Rugby World Cup. See who made the finals! 
- e-Editions
     * What is an e-Edtion
     * Features of an e-Edition
     * Reading an e-Edition
     * How to order your e-Edition
- Nikki’s News Diary
How toinstructional videos, tutorials and demonstrations
NEW! Make a NewsByte
     * Making a NewsByte video
     * Getting started
     * Writing your script
     * Filming and editing your video
 - Design a Front Page of a Newspaper
     * Introduction
     * Layout and writing
     * Front Page Builder
     * Vocabulary
- Deadline Game
Your viewscompetition entries and student news videos
NEW! Your NewsBytes Videos
     * Bucklands Beach Intermediate - NewsByte
- Competition videos
     * Play the Games Video Challenge winners
     * Play the Games Video Challenge entries

Weet-Bix TVNiE is proud host of finish line footage from Weet-Bix Kids Tryathlons
- Check out the schedule for the action near you starting with
     * Manukau, on Wednesday 8 December, 2010
How do I find my video?
- There are 2 videos - one watching you come down the finish chute (Sprint Cam) and one of you receiving your
   medal (Finish Cam).
- Each video is shown in 3 minute segments.
- To find your video search by time of the day that you finished. (You may have been given a card telling you when
   you finished so use that to search by).
- Remember for Sunday events the Tryathlon started at 9am and for Wednesday events it started at 10am.
- To help you remember when you finished the race order was:
     • 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 Teams 
     • Individual 12 Boys 
     • Individual 12 Girls
     • Individual 11 Boys 
     • Individual 11 Girls 
     • 7, 8, 9 & 10 Teams 
     • Individual 7 Boys 
     • Individual 7 Girls 
     • Individual 10 Boys 
     • Individual 10 Girls 
     • Individual 9 Boys 
     • Individual 9 Girls 
     • Individual 8 Boys 
     • Individual 8 Girls















Kids Space
sustainability challenge dive in and read design the front page competition letters b heard front page builder kidspace