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2012 Summer Olympics, June 12, 2012



Kia ora tatou

This week’s NiE Pulse page is 2012 Summer Olympics. It looks at the upcoming Olympic Games in London. It is the final NiE page but you can access previously published pages, lessons and teaching suggestions by registering on the website at top right, then clicking on NiE archives.  There's loads there....take a look.

The NiE page looks at global unity thgrough sport - the history and traditions of the games and explores the Olympic ideals, symbols and sporting values. We also look at the host country and the mascot’s role in promoting the games. We encourage students to follow the NZ team and think about NZ Olympic athletes, past and present.

More information and teaching suggestions can be found under the 'More information' tab on the left-hand menu.

Page contents
Then and now –  This section looks  at the Olympic Games past and present and examines the foundation of the modern Olympic Games. Students compare the modern games with the present and note similarities and differences.
Spirit of the Games – Looks at the Olympism, Olympic values and symbolism in terms of the logo and flag.
London 2012 – Looks at the UK as a venue, the role of the mascots and the idea of environmentally friendly games. A link is provided to a news report about the London mascots.
Kiwis in action – Examines the role of NZers at the Olympic Games, past and present. Students engage in a scavenger hunt for reports about an Olympic NZ athlete of their choice. They think about various media coverage and the impact and effectiveness of each. A link is provided to inform about  the NZ Olympic team.

The downloadable theme lessons
Motto and logo design – students create their own logo and write a motto
Sports mascots – students follow a link to read the story behind the 2012 Olympic mascots, then create their own sports mascot
Olympic security – students study an infographic about security at the games and interpret how people will be kept safe

You can find these lessons under the 'Theme lessons' tab.

Encourage your students to use the student activities accessible from the home page. They do not need to register on the website.

Online student activities
Nikki News Diary   – weekly news updates posted by NiE mascots, Nikki Newsgirl and Kahu Karere, with interactive writing activity. Most suitable Years 3+.  This week we say goodbye to Nikki and Kahu. The theme is the Olympic Games.
Page theme quiz    – new each week, relating to NiE page material, difficulty level linked to page level
Front Page Builder – an interactive front page builder where students use news pictures, or upload their own, then write captions, stories and headlines to complete their own front page. Students submit their pages for a chance to be selected for public viewing.

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