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Nikki's News Diary


What’s it about?
Nikki’s News Diary keeps you up with the news. Nikki reports on news from around Aotearoa. Kahu Karere travels the world as a foreign correspondent for NiE. He files reports on the latest news from around the world. Visit each Monday to read their latest news reports! 
Discussion Board and Display Board
Each Monday, there’s a news picture for you to look at and some questions for you to think about and discuss on the Discussion Board. There’s also a writing task so you can share your thoughts and ideas. Write your answers in the space provided. Send your work to us by 3pm on Wednesday of the same week for a chance to see it published online!  Three answers are posted on the Display Board each week.
 Join Nikki and keep your own News Diary!
Step 1: Print the Nikki's News Diary Notebook Front Cover
Step 2: Print the Inside Cover and glue or staple it to the back of your Front Cover
Step 3: Fold the stuck together covers in half to create your notebook
Step 4: Print out pages for you to write on, fold them in half, then and glue or staple them to the inside of your notebook
Step 5: Start writing your Discussion Board answers, or your own diary entries!
About Discussion Board - for teachers
Discussion Board is part of Nikki’s News Diary, a weekly current affairs reading, discussion and writing programme most suitable for Years 3-6. A teacher-led Discussion Board and a Display Board that shows the best student work each week, links to Nikki’s weekly diary entry.
Discussion Board is loosely based on the NewsBoard technique, developed by Harry Hood – one of New Zealand's most respected educationalists.
How it works
After reading Nikki’s diary entry, click on the Discussion Board graphic on the top of the page and read more about the news item Nikki raised. Students analyse the news picture and read the news summary to gain meaning associated with the issue Nikki raised. Three discussion questions guide students through the thinking process.
Students form their own opinions and write a personal response. They complete the fields (name, age, school) and click the ‘Submit’ button for a chance to see their work displayed on Display Board.
What value does it bring to my programme?
Discussion Board is essentially about:
  • Creating a culture of inquiry
  • Asking students to reflect
  • Asking students to evaluate and respond
What does Discussion Board aim to do?
  • to encourage children to be aware of, and engaged in, the world around them
  • to help students’ develop understanding of, and empathy towards, others
  • to model acceptable written language
  • to encourage participation from all students
  • to develop students’ reading, listening, oral and writing skills
  • to improve students’ confidence in presenting their thoughts and ideas in a constructive manner

How should I use it?

Any way that suits you. Use it:

  • to focus on any of the learning outcomes or reading and writing objectives you have set for your class
  •  to develop thinking skills
  • as a basis or persuasive writing
  • to practise writing headlines for Nikki’s national news or Kahu’s international news, using impactful, active language
  • with your local newspaper as a model for local news analysis to help student connect with their own communities
  • as a springboard for further inquiry on an issue

Discussion Board is the perfect tool for a social inquiry approach where students:

  • ask questions, gather information and background ideas and examine relevant current issues
  • explore and analyse people’s values and perspectives
  • consider ways in which people make decisions and participate in social action
  • reflect on and evaluate the understandings they have developed and the responses that may be required



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