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Spotlight on Sport


A 5-day Spotlight on Sport Newspaper Study, based around the context of the 2012 London Olympic Games, that was to be published in August 2012, will not be produced this year. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Alternatively, teachers may wish to order FREE class sets of the Pulse level NiE page that will be published on June 12, based on the Olympic theme. Contact your local NiE coordinator to order.

Newspaper Study 2011 
Publication dates 12 - 29 Sept and 26 Oct (Mon, Wed Thurs only)

Timed to coincide with New Zealand hosting an international event based on our favourite sport. Each day of the study a page was published about a newspaper staff member and the job they do including samples of their work.  NiE's Rugby Mad captured the concepts, attitudes and values associated with sporting excellence and participation.
NiE Rugby Mad Blog
A NiE Rugby Mad Blog ran for the duration of the study. Posts could be submitted from anyone who registered.
Newspaper Study 2010
In 2010 APN Newspapers in Education published a Play the Games Newspaper Study based on the Commonwealth Games. The Play the Games Video Challenge asked students to demonstrate the principles of fair play and participation by creating, playing and filming an original Commonwealth Games team game.
Students worked in groups to design their own game and submit a three minute video showing the game being played and narrated for an NiE TV news report.


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