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How can I find out about the NiE page themes?

Page themes are sent to NiE liason teachers in Term 4 ecah year and can also be downloaded from this website. NiE liaison teachers at participating schools are sent an email outlining the upcoming NiE page theme the week prior to publication.

See the 2011Page Theme Calendar

See the 2012 Page Theme Calendar

Where can I get an NIE programme brochure from?

The NiE Liaison teacher may have spare NiE brochures outlining the entire NiE programme, or you can contact your local NiE coordinator to send you one. It is too bg to have as a website download.


Is it true that your NiE programme is free?

Yes, The APN Regional NiE programme is entirely funded by sponsoring partners, so newspapers and resources are provided free to schools. Depending on the availability of sponsorship funds,  a user-pays is avaialable if school orders exceed the number of sposnored newspapers avaialable. It is best to order early to avoid disappointment.


Which newspapers are involved?

  • Northern Advocate (Whangarei)
  • Bay of Plenty Times (Tauranga)
  • Daily Post (Rotorua)
  • Hawke's Bay Today (Napier/Hastings)
  • Wanganui Chronicle (Wanganui)
  • Wairarapa Times-Age (Masterton)
  • Oamaru Mail (Oamaru)


How do I place a newspaper order?

An NiE programme order form pack for the coming year is sent to NiE liaison teachers or principals in Term 4 each year.

Schools complete one order form listing all the classes that wish to receive bundles of free newspapers as part of the NiE page full-year programme. Order forms can be faxed or mailed to the NiE office at the local participating newspaper. Additional orders can be requested at any time during the year.
To request an order you'll need to contact your local NiE coordinator.


Can I order pages at different levels?

Yes you can. NiE caters to 3 different age levels: NewsSplash (Year 3-4), X-Press (Year 5-6), and Pulse (Year 7-8). While NiE pages are written to coincide with the most appropriate curriculum level, there may be a theme that you have a particular interest in. NiE pages can be adapted to suit a wide range. Some students may work on them independently; others may need to be guided or may not attempt the entire page.


How does NiE fit into the new curriculum?

The NiE programme is linked to curriculum visions and objectives and learning areas (especially Social Sciences, English and literacy programmes) and helps develop a variety of thinking competencies.
NiE pages help develop skills as part of the social inquiry process, challenging students to think critically, examine, create, collaborate, develop cross-cultural understandings, communicate and take social action. The pages offer the latest information on many current issues and engage students with the world outside the classroom, helping to prepare them for active lifelong learning in the 21st century.


Why does our school receive bundles of newspapers on some Tuesdays and not others?

Page levels rotate each week. Schools only receive newspapers on the weeks NiE pages are published at the levels ordered. (Eg. If your class has ordered the NewsSplash level (Yrs 3&4), you will only receive newspapers on NewsSpash days).

See the 2011 Page Theme Calendar or 2012 NiE Page Calendar to find out which Tuesdays to expect newspapers.


How do I access the weekly material that relates to the NiE page?

Every week the NiE website is updated with additional theme information to extend, support and use alongside the NiE page. Weekly theme information includes a teacher's overview, curriculum links, downloadable PDF lesson plans, more information, website links and answers to the NiE page.
Teachers must be registered on the website in order to access the weekly theme information. Once you are registered, you can access all the latest theme information by selecting Latest Page Theme.


What resources do you have to help me teach students about the newspaper?

Please see the full list of NiE teacher resources
To purchase any of the NiE resources, contact you local NiE coordinator.
ANY ONE of these resources is FREE with every full-year programme ordered.


Is there anything online for the students to use independently?

Yes, there are a number of interactive activities that students can use independently:
Latest Theme Quiz, updated weekly, tests students understanding on the latest NiE page theme.
Current Affairs Quiz, updated weekly with the latest news items. Students can take the quiz and test their current affairs knowledge.
Design a Front Page Builder. Students can choose their own news pictures to create a front page of a newspaper.
Fun Ways to Use the Newspaper activity pdfs. Fun activities for using the whole newspaper.


Is there anything on current affairs?

Yes. Every NiE page theme is approached in a newsworthy way.
Themes for the NiE page levels Pulse and HUH? are not set in advance so that pages are always topical and relevant. Pulse and HUH? pages explore current issues as they arise around the world. A new interactive Current Affairs Quiz is posted every week.
The Design a Front Page Builder is updated twice per term with news pictures and captions. Students build their own front page using the latest pictures and write news reports to match. It's a fun way to keep up with the news.


How do I access the lessons on a theme that was published earlier in the year?

Teachers must be registered on the website to access the theme archive section. If you're not registered and wish to be, click on the link below and follow the instructions. Once you're registered, you can access theme archives, including the pdfs, by clicking on the ‘Theme archive' tab. To register, click here.
If you are already registered on the NiE website, log in and either click on the ‘Theme archive' tab above or click here to access the theme archives.


How can we get involved in the Newspaper Studies?

Schools indicate their interest in the Newspaper Study options on the annual NiE order form sent to schools in Term 4.Specific Newspaper Study order forms and posters are sent out to schools the term prior to the study being run. Teachers fill in the form and fax/post it back to us. We then send out teacher resource material and students receive the newspapers on the designated days. Contact your NiE coordinator for additional order forms.


Do I have any responsibility towards the NiE programme partners?

We encourage schools to acknowledge NiE sponsors in their school newsletters, invite them to events in the school, and write them thank you letters. Sponsors enjoy hearing from students about the work they do as part of the NiE programme and are more likely to continue their sponsoring partnerships if they feel appreciated by schools.


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