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NiE page programme

“NiE has provided a significant current-theme resource for literacy and social studies. In fact there are weeks when it is the sole resource for our senior group. Having the in-school sessions with you has been a real focus on the content and structure of the newspaper and complementary internet site, and analysing the news and advertising. We've encouraged those parents who don't subscribe to take a copy home on Tuesdays and we've discovered that they always look for the paper that day! One of the satisfying things is when one of the children comes in on another day and says “Guess what I saw in the newspaper this morning?” We use the NiE almost everyday, for literacy, current events, philosophy, social sciences, ecology, general science, politics – in fact it's our real time, real life resource. Thanks!”

- Catharina Apple Tree Education


“It's true that being better informed generally makes us more interesting people. I think that it's true for people of all ages. NiE certainly helps our class to learn about our world while broadening our information processing skills at the same time.”

- Mr D Hanna, Bethlehem College/Primary School


“I like the newspaper because it teaches me about the world.”

- Jessie Smalberger, student at Bethlehem College Primary School


“NiE is cool because we get to do lots of different activities with the newspaper.”

- Hattie Young, student at Bethlehem College Primary School


“With NiE I get to be creative and make up my own words.”

- Monique Armstrong, student at Bethlehem College Primary School


“I like NiE because I get to read about things I don't normally read about.”

- Grace Pyne, student at Bethlehem College Primary School


“I love seeing the exciting news each week with NiE.”

- Max Andrew, student at Bethlehem College Primary School



Dive in and Read ten-day study

“Dive in and Read has become a much valued programme within our school. Sourcing such information and presenting it in such a creative, child-centred way is nearly impossible for a classroom teacher to do like NIE have done. These programmes have allowed all my students to become orientated towards the newspaper and given then a renewed appreciation of the world around them. Can't wait until next terms programme!”

- Miss Mel Sloan - Pohutukawa Teacher, St Joseph's School


“I liked learning about the traditions and culture of our ancestors and learning about the history of places in NZ. I liked doing the newspaper searches and learning about how a newspaper works.”

- Alannah Mason ñ 9 yrs, St Josephís School


“The Dive in and Read this year was absolutely fabulous and the children would just fall onto the papers as they arrived.”

- Erin Cassidy, Oamaru North School


“We used the ten-day study of Search for the Seven Stars of Matariki for our reading programme for three week... We used the discussion pages, the two types of comprehension for different group levels, and many of the activities such as similes and map work. My class and I really appreciated the fact that the story was a NZ story, with NZ characters and locations, and was very themeal. It was enjoyable, it was local, it was informative (Matariki, NZ places, Maori vocabulary) and we learnt lots about narratives, layout and illustrations. Thank you.”

- Eileen Dowdell, Omanu School


“I just wanted to tell you how much my class have enjoyed the Matariki story. The fact that they are travelling around NZ and come to Wanganui has made it so much more personal. Keep up the good work.”

- Room 6, Castlecliff School


“Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated has had the opportunity two years in a row, to support the ‘Newspapers in Education' programme by being the proud sponsor for this programme in Hawke's Bay. In 2008 Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated took advantage of the opportunity to educate our community about Matariki – the Maori New Year. The ‘Scoop and Scribe – Search for the Seven Stars of Matariki' story made this learning for many children in our community, adventurous and exciting. It has been a wonderful opportunity working with the staff at Hawke's Bay Today. Thank you and Happy Matariki.”

- Ruth Wong, Communications Manager, Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated



Reach for the Rings ten-day study

I found the Reach for the Rings resource a most useful source of information and motivation for my students. The beauty of it was each student had their own copy which meant they could read at their own pace, take it home for homework and share with family who supported their research and reading tasks. The access to images inspired the students work and as it was current and themeal they were highly engaged in the tasks. The supporting websites and the cd were a valuable asset. If students were absent and missed even one day they were very upset. We have never had so many students so motivated to read the newspaper before. The librarian became very harassed by students desperately seeking missing days. The delivery each day early ensured the students were able to start their lessons for the day with the paper and it became routine to see students reading their morning paper, all that was missing was the cup of coffee! In the end the paper was used for more than just the Reach for the Rings project students looked forward to the headlines, sports and the fashion pages just as much. One of our students even won a prize for her letter to the editor. Thank you so much for such a great resource and we look forward using them more in the future.”

- Doug Calwell, Diana Matagi and Neena Taneja, Avondale Intermediate School, Auckland


“As a teacher and a parent it was marvellous that all the work had already been done and all that was required from us was to run off the templates .The selection of info was amazing and the various strands of education had several ideas to pick and choose from.”

- Rose Varty, Home school


My class is so sad that the ten-day ‘Reach for the Rings” and newspaper drop-off has come to an end! I've assured them that there is still plenty of exploration to discover in the unit but I think the actual ‘hands-on' reality of the study has been so meaningful to them. They are keen to email to you their personal viewpoints. Watch this space!!”

- Bev Silverton, Kaimai School


“We are still completing the Reach for the Rings study. It was and is a fantastic and comprehensive study. The students are now reading the newspaper more, understand more about the Olympics and of China, all from this study. The resource was excellent. Thank you.”

- Valerie, Rissington School, Hawkes BayTop


Design the Front Page of a Newspaper Competition

“Following the completion of our schools entry into the 2008 NIE Front Page competition, I sat with the students to review and analyse the learning that occurred as part of the process. The students identified the following skills, strategies and knowledge that were developed: creativity, determination, cooperation, interviewing, researching, problem solving, prioritising, editing, communication, designing, team work, critiquing, goal setting, self review, perseverance, analysing, research, collaboration and innovation. Through this NiE learning experience, our students had experienced learning at its best via an authentic learning context. Learning areas and Key Competencies were developed in an integrated inquiry based learning model. Students worked in a collaborative environment that reflected the realities of everyday life.”

- Brett Larsen, Principal, Te Puke Primary School


“From my perspective, it was a great experience. It provided a real life context for the students to learn all the skills related to producing a Front Page (Layout, Info-Graphics, Masthead etc). The students had to work as a team and become proficient writers using a variety of different genre. The finished product demonstrated excellence and showed what hard work and perseverance can achieve. I am very proud of all of them.”

- Clarinda Franklin, Hauraki School.


"I had to make sure that the main story had enough space and that the whole layout made for easy reading".

- Parick Liu, student at Hauraki School


"I learned what an editorial is and how to write one. The part I enjoyed the most was getting quotes and I also liked working in a small group".

- Ellen Smeed, student at Hauraki School


“Entering the NIE competition was new to me. I enjoyed being put under pressure to meet deadlines and striving to make every last detail perfect. I also now have experience working in Photoshop and I now have some idea how to use it.”

- Markayla Ford, student at Destiny School


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