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How it works

Design a Front Page Builder allows you to create your own newspaper front page and have it featured on our site. Read on to see how you can build your own exciting front page and for some design tips on making the best of the elements provided.
It's easy to use
The Front Page Builder allows you to select, drag, position and edit all the elements you need for a vibrant front page. Just what you want to use, drag it into position, size it with the handles and you're away.All type elements included are easily edited. Just the type and add your own headlines, stories and captions. You can even print it out when you're done! Check out the design tips to help or launch straight in if you've visited us before.

Design tips
Create your own masthead
You can rotate through a series of mastheads in different styles. Pounamu Press is the default masthead. All mastheads and editor names are editable. To edit, the masthead and then type in a new one, or stick with one of the mastheads supplied. It's up to you.
Start with pictures
As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. You can build your news articles around your chosen pics. Click a pic and drag it onto your page. Use the handle on the bottom right corner to make it smaller or bigger. Click anywhere within the image to drag and position on your page.
The main photo should be the biggest on the page. Any other pictures should be used smaller so  they don't detract from the main picture.
If your photo has lots of action, don't run it too small or it might lose impact.
Keep picture sizes within column widths (ie run pictures 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 columns wide)
Make sure the headline on your main story is the biggest on the page.
Headlines on other stories should become smaller as you work towards the bottom of the page.
Try to balance the size of your story with the size of your heading. Don't put a large heading on a tiny story.
Avoid more than two headings sitting directly next to each other. Use a picture between headlines to break them up.
The text provided with the pics gives you a starting point to write your own captions and new stories.
To write a news story, body copy form the left-hand menu. Choose your font style, shape the box to fit the columns and start writing!
Aim to have your text start under your headline so readers know where the story starts.
Always shape stories into rectangles so all four edges of the story align with each other.
If wrapping text around a photo, make sure you have enough lines of text running under the photo.
Write a caption for each news picture, except mugshots.
Always name the person pictured in the mugshot.
General layout tips
Try to brighten grey areas on your page by using small elements within your story, such as info boxes, graphics or quotes.
Use a quote or blurb on your main story and on other long stories.
Don't make your quotes too big as they take up too much room. Small quotes work best.
Use the same font for all stories (bold for the main heading, normal for other headings), except info boxes.
Aim for a neat, modular layout.
Technical stuff
Front Page Builder is built with Flash 8. Flash is a standard plug-in for your web browser. If you are having difficulty using Front Page Builder please first try the following:

Quit your web browser and then restart.
Download Flash
Flash is always being improved and a new release and install can often help erase problems you might be having.
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