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Helping Samoa - October 27, 2009



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This week’s HUH? NiE page is called ‘Lending a helping hand to Samoa.’
New Zealanders responded generously to the recent tsunami disaster in the Pacific, reflecting the strong family ties and the sense that we are all part of the Pacific community.
The New Zealand Curriculum places emphasis on students being global citizens. Students are asked to understand, participate in and contribute to global communities and consider social issues affecting themselves and others and to decide on the actions they could take.
With the global community concept in mind, the page explores the role of aid agencies, such as Red Cross, Oxfam and World Vision in the global community.  The recent tsunami in Samoa and Tonga is the context for this exploration.
The page can be expanded upon to cover a wide range of conceptual understandings around the global community, the reasons why people and governments give aid, disaster preparedness and the work aid agencies do.
More information and teaching suggestions can be found under the More information tab on the left-hand menu
Page contents
What happened – A brief outline explaining the tsunami and its effects
Aid – the differences between humanitarian and development aid
Aid agencies – the work aid agencies do
Q& A – an interview with Red Cross worker, Rosemarie North
The downloadable theme lessons include:
Raising money – students read a news article about two children who come up with their own fundraising idea and raised money for Samoa
Helping in many ways – students consider the different ways aid agencies help others
Altruism and aid – students explore the concept of altruism and the motives of giving aid
You can find these lessons under the Theme lessons tab.

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